Pool Maintainance

GVS Facility Management provides pool maintenance services to commercial properties with swimming pools, fountains and water features.

If you need regular maintenance, equipment repaired or replaced, or a full pool and deck renovation, our experienced and professional team is ready to surpass your expectations at a fair, set price.

we have created a customized swimming pool maintenance schedule to fit your lifestyle. Here is what your ASP professional will do at each maintenance visit:

  • To check pool water chemical, record chemical readings, and add chemicals as needed.
  • Clear skimmer baskets, pool pump basket, and automatic pool cleaner waste bag.
  • Cleaning floating leaves and waste over pool water surface.
  • Brush and cleaning tile at water surface around the entire pool, including pool steps and benches.
  • Verify filters pressure for appropriate reading.

Industry we serve

  • Commercial and office buildings
  • Manufacturing plants and warehouses
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
  • Gated Communities and Apartments
  • Special Events
  • Construction Sites
  • Shopping Malls and Retail stores